Four Benefit of Motorcycle Insurance Offered in Utah

Owning a motorcycle in Vernal, UT is incredible as one tends to benefit from the great experience of riding on it. Whether a veteran rider or you just purchased your first bike, protecting yourself and the cycle is a critical affair as risks associated with an occurrence resulting in property damage and bodily injury may be suffocating. It is a requirement for a motorcycle owner to consider an insurance policy for their motorcycle. 

Perry Insurance Agency offers a tailor-made solution for your motorcycle insurance needs in Vernal, UT. Shop for your motorcycle insurance with us today and achieve the satisfaction you desire.

Legal compulsory requirements by the state aside, it is prudent for one to consider available insurance options for your motorcycle insurance that are reasonable and affordable. A motorcycle owner will benefit from several things among:

  • Comprehensive coverage– This coverage mitigates risks associated with damage or losses from an accident other than a collision. These include vandalism, theft, fire, falling objects, or even damage from lightning or a storm.
  • Liability coverage– It covers damage and bodily injuries to other people if an accident occurs. It is crucial to note that in case of an accident where you are at fault, it does not cover personal injuries or damage to the motorcycle.
  • Loan/lease-pay-off – This applies if your motorcycle is stolen or destroyed. Though it’s optional, it compensates for the face value of your bike in the event it’s stolen or damaged, minus the remaining lease or loan amount.
  • Payment for property damage or bodily injury is provided for under this policy if the other party in the accident is underinsured or not insured at all.
  • Medical expense coverage– The policyholder benefit from this policy as medical bills for you and your passengers is paid in the event of an accident.
  • Roadside assistance covers transportation, food, and lodging if your bike has mechanical issues.

At Perry Insurance Agency, we will customize your motorcycle insurance needs to suit you. You will be fortunate to benefit from our services which may include collision and comprehensive cover, total replacement cost, bodily injury or property damage, accessory coverage, roadside assistance, medical liability, and more.

Deciding on how much insurance one needs for their motorcycle and the coverage in an accident that leaves other people injured or property damaged is paramount. Call or visit our offices at Perry Insurance Agency for all your bike insurance needs in Vernal, UT.