Do Freelance Writers Need Commercial Insurance?

Every business owner knows they must purchase commercial insurance to provide coverage in case the unfortunate and unexpected occur. However, with more and more gig worker positions becoming available, it can be challenging to determine whether a person should purchase commercial insurance or not. You might wonder if a freelance writer needs commercial insurance. Here is an overview that can answer this question. 

Is Freelance Writing Your Business?

If freelance writing is the primary business that you’re working on most of the time, then you should, by all means, find a good commercial insurance policy. This is especially true if you have employees. However, commercial insurance may not be warranted if you only write on the side and never publish anything. If you’re unsure, sit down with your insurance agent and ask some questions. Chances are, you can obtain a very affordably priced rate for commercial insurance. Remember, the first step to covering your business is to determine whether you have a business or not. If you write sporadically for fun, commercial insurance may be unnecessary. 

Commercial Insurance Can Be Useful

While freelance writers working full-time might benefit from purchasing a commercial insurance policy, think carefully as you peruse the many possible insurers. Living in Vernal, UT doesn’t make it challenging to find adequate coverage since you might never know if you might be sued for plagiarism or some other complaint. 

As you can see, while freelance writers don’t need to have commercial insurance coverage, it’s always a good idea, especially if the person writes for a living. If you’re in need of a new insurance agent and you live in the Vernal, UT area, give us a call at Perry Insurance Agency. We have gone above and beyond to ensure all our customers are happy with their coverage.