Tips to improve your gas mileage

Gas mileage is an essential factor when it comes to staying within budget and being environmentally conscious here in the Vernal, UT area. Here are some tips to help you improve your gas mileage from us at Perry Insurance Agency: 

1. Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated– Ensure your tires are properly inflated, as underinflated tires can increase the fuel needed to keep your car moving. You should check the tire pressure at least once a month and adjust accordingly. 

2. Avoid Unnecessary Idling- When you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for someone, try to turn off your engine if possible. Idling wastes fuel and increases pollution, so only idle when absolutely necessary. 

3. Drive More Efficiently- Accelerate and brake gradually to reduce wear on your brakes and conserve fuel. Pay attention to the speed limit and try not to drive faster than necessary, as this wastes fuel. 

4. Plan Your Trips Ahead of Time– Planning out your trips ahead of time allows you to optimize driving routes, saving time and money on gas by avoiding heavy traffic zones or roads with stop signs frequently placed in a row; both cause more need for acceleration and braking resulting in wasted fuel, plus more time stuck in traffic which increases emissions that harm the environment! 

By following these easy tips, you can maximize your gas mileage while keeping costs low and reducing air pollution! For more information, give us at Perry Insurance Agency a call today. We proudly serve the Vernal, UT area and would be glad to help you find a policy that meets your needs and budget. 

Benefits of comprehensive auto policies

If you own a vehicle in the Vernal, UT area, it’s time for you to get to know the team at Perry Insurance Agency. We provide a full range of insurance products, including several comprehensive auto policy options. Give us a call or stop by and learn more.

Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive auto policy.

After a few years of having an auto policy that provides basic coverage, many drivers decide that it’s time to upgrade. Today’s comprehensive auto policies provide enhanced protection along with some great features.

This is not your grandmother’s auto insurance! If you want to increase your accidents/collisions, liability, medical expenses, property, and vehicle coverage, it’s time to upgrade. In addition to increasing the policy coverage levels, you may want to consider adding one or more of the following features:

  • Roadside assistance – no one wants to find themselves broken down at the side of the road. It’s beneficial to have the proper assistance service in place should this ever happen to you.
  • Car rental coverage –  if your car requires repair or replacement due to a covered event, it helps to have rental car protection. Going without a car isn’t an option for many people, and rental car expenses can add up!
  • Decreasing premiums – this feature helps safe drivers save money. The longer you go without a claim, the lower your premium can go, too. This is a great option for any responsible driver and owner.

Reach out today and find out more!

Vernal, UT residents can turn to the folks at Perry Insurance Agency for all insurance needs, including auto policies. If you’d like to find out more about the comprehensive policies available in our area, give us a call today!

Do I Need Full Coverage Auto Insurance in Vernal, UT?

If you’re wondering if you need full coverage auto insurance in Vernal, UT, the answer is: Maybe. Each driver’s situation is unique, and various factors decide whether full coverage is necessary. Here are a few general guidelines that can help you decide.

You Have a Car Loan or Lease

If you have a car loan or lease, you are typically required to carry full coverage auto insurance. This is because the lender wants to be sure they’re protected in case of an accident. A full coverage insurance policy is also called "collision and comprehensive" insurance, and it pays for repairs to your car if it’s damaged in an accident.

You Have a High-Value Vehicle

If you own a high-value vehicle, it’s essential to have full coverage in case of theft or damage. A comprehensive insurance policy will reimburse you for the total value of your car, minus your deductible.

To learn about your different policy options, contact Perry Insurance Agency. Our experienced insurance agents will help you find the right coverage for your needs.

What Are Additional Coverages Available to Protect Your Vehicle?

There are a few additional coverages to consider if you have a car loan or lease or own a high-value auto. These coverages can help protect you in an accident or theft.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage – If you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, this coverage will help pay for your damages.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage – This coverage helps protect you if the driver who hit you doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your damages.

Roadside Assistance – This coverage provides help if you break down or are in an accident. It can help pay for towing, repairs, and other services.

Contact Perry Insurance Agency to get a quote for insurance in Vernal, UT, today. We can help you find the right coverage for your needs.

What Auto Insurance Options are Offered For Utah Drivers?

Car ownership is fantastic but comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Talk of maintenance, loan repayments, and the onus of being a sober and responsible driver on the roads. Additionally, car insurance is one of the other responsibilities you have to contend with when you own a car. While the process of purchasing car insurance might be somewhat challenging, partnering with reliable agents like Perry Insurance Agency, located in Vernal, UT, is pivotal in getting the right and adequate auto coverage.

Car insurance in Utah

Before you hit the road in Utah, make sure that your car is insured. While many states have a mandatory requirement for auto insurance, the similarity ends there. Many states have varying mandatory coverages and limits. For Utah, below is what is compulsory:

  • Bodily injury liability: Compensates medical expenses or funeral expenses of the death of another driver or pedestrian when your car is involved in an accident. The minimum cover required by the law is $25,000 per person and $65,000 per accident involving more than one person.
  • Property damage liability: Protects against damages to third parties’ properties when you are at fault. The minimum required coverage limit is $15,000 per accident.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Covers you or your passengers’ medical expenses when involved in a vehicular accident. The minimum requirement is $3,000 per accident, but you may reject the “loss of income” portion in writing.

Other auto insurance options

Utah’s minimum coverage won’t cover you against risks like floods, theft, fires, and drivers carrying inadequate insurance. With this in mind, consider adding the below auto insurance options. 

  • Collision and comprehensive coverage: These insurance coverages are optional but essential to have. As one, these coverage types protect your car against car accidents, theft, fire, vandalism, falling objects, hails, and collisions with animals. 
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: While it’s not mandatory, insurance companies must offer you, and you have to reject it in writing. This coverage protects you if you get involved in an accident with someone with inadequate or no insurance coverage. 
  • Medical payments: Cover medical expenses for you and your passengers when involved in an accident.

Need car insurance in Vernal, UT? Look no further than Perry Insurance Agency. We shall walk you through the different auto insurance options and choose those that complement your needs. Contact us today.

Learning Utah Automobile Insurance Requirements

One of the most beautiful states in the country, Utahans love to travel from the Four Corners to Salt Lake City and all points in between.  As such, learning Utah automobile insurance requirements is a precondition of heading out to the open highway.  From minimal insurance requirements required by the state to enhanced insurance options that can keep you on the road with car rental options should you get in an accident; working with a trusted insurance agent can help you make the right decision.  For Vernal, UT residents looking for automobile insurance that fits their driving needs, we welcome you to come into our office at Perry Insurance Agency to learn about your responsibilities and options when getting that next automobile insurance policy.

Auto Insurance Requirements in Utah

At the very minimum, Utah drivers must demonstrate financial responsibility through possession of minimal liability insurance.  These policies mandate coverage for injuries to a single person, more than one person, as well as additional coverage to cover and property damage that results in an accident.  What this means in practice is that while you can legally drive on Utah roadways, your vehicle would not be subject to coverage without a full policy in place.  Deciding which route is the best for your situation means sitting down with a licensed insurance agent to discuss your full range of vehicle insurance options.

Contact Perry Insurance Agency for Your Auto Insurance Needs

Drivers in Vernal, UT are welcome to come to visit our trusted, friendly, and knowledgeable agents to discuss the details of your auto insurance needs.  Every driver’s situation is different, so a one size fits all policy is hardly the correct prescription from one driver to the next.  When you are looking to find a policy that is the perfect fit for your situation, our Perry Insurance Agency agents are standing by to help you make an informed decision of what policy options are available to protect you, your family, and your property.

Should You Combine Auto Insurance When You Get Married?

Getting married is an exciting time and involves combining two lives into one. Some aspects of this process seem very obvious, like moving in together, but what about combining other things like car insurance? At Perry Insurance Agency, serving Vernal, UT, we love taking the time to educate our clients and future clients on important topics such as this. 

Good Reasons To Combine Insurance

There are a lot of great reasons to combine your car insurance when you get married. Most insurance companies will offer married couples special discounts. This can help with new married life budgeting. It is also far easier to budget one single auto insurance payment rather than two. If you haven’t both done so recently, take this opportunity to shop around for a better deal. Experts recommend shopping around at least once a year. If your marriage has coincided with the purchase of a home, you could qualify for more discounts as well. 

When Should I Not Combine Insurance

There are plenty of great reasons for combining insurance. However, you should also note that there are times when combining insurance is not the best idea. Here are a few reasons why you should consider keeping your policies separate. If your spouse has a collector or special vehicle they will need a special policy. Having a combined policy would not be a good idea in this situation. If your spouse has very bad credit or very bad driving history, then combining policies might do your policy more harm than good. 

To make sure you make the best choice for your insurance needs, you should speak to an insurance representative. 

If you would like to learn more about auto insurance, please contact our staff at Perry Insurance Agency, serving Vernal, UT. 

How Vernal, UT drivers can save money on car insurance

Whether you spend most of your drive time commuting to work or taking advantage of the beautiful Utah scenic byways, you have the same obligation to carry insurance as all the other drivers in the state. At Perry Insurance Agency, we try to at least help out by finding ways to help our customers save money on their policies.

To help you save money, the first thing we do is make sure you have the right coverage. You may be paying for something extra you don’t really need, or there may be an added protection you didn’t know about. By tailoring your policy to you, we can help you make sure you’re not paying more than you need to.

Then we can go through and find discounts that will help you out. You will be surprised when you see all the discounts offered by different insurance companies:

  • Multiple policy discount — Most insurance companies would love to have all your business, so they offer discounts if you carry multiple policies, like for homeowners and auto.
  • Good driver discount — If you’ve gone two years without getting into an accident or getting a moving violation, you may be able to save money with a good driver discount.
  • New vehicle — Newer vehicles are less likely to have the kinds of failures that result in accidents, and your new car may earn you a lower rate.
  • Lump sum premium payment — A lot of insurance companies will offer a reduced premium if you pay an entire year at once.
  • Passive restraint/security system — Does your car have extra airbags? A security system to deter theft? You may be able to get a discount for either or both.

These reasons and more can earn you a discount on your auto insurance in Vernal, UT. If you have any questions or want to find out how you can save money, please feel free to call Perry Insurance Agency today.

Why You Should Want Auto Insurance

Driving a car is a necessity for many people. You have a car in the Vernal, UT area, you need to make sure that you have proper auto insurance at all times. While most people know that it is required by law to carry at least a minimum level of liability auto insurance, there are also many other reasons why you should want to have coverage.

Gives Liability Protection

One reason why you should want to have auto insurance is that it will provide you with necessary liability protection. Driving a car is a big responsibility and comes with a lot of risks. Since being at fault in an auto accident is always a potential situation, you need to make sure that you are protected against this risk. Having auto insurance in place will do just that. 

Protects Your Asset

Another reason why you will want to have auto insurance is that it will protect your very valuable asset. Buying a car is the most significant purchase most people will ever make, after purchasing their home. Due to the significance of this purchase, it is important to make sure that your asset is properly covered by insurance. When you get a full collision and comprehensive insurance policy, you will receive coverage against a wide variety of different types of losses.

There are many reasons why you should want to have auto insurance. For those that are in the Vernal, UT area, speaking with the Perry Insurance Agency about their auto insurance options is a great choice. The team at the Perry Insurance Agency can help you to properly assess your auto insurance options and make sure that you get into a policy that provides you with the right level of coverage. 

Car Insurance Laws in Utah

Like every other state in the USA, Utah has its own specific laws and regulations for car insurance. Drivers need to be aware of the local laws to avoid fines, traffic tickets, or liability from lawsuits. The Utah Insurance Department’s official site has provided some crucial information about getting auto insurance. 

No-Fault Insurance

Every vehicle is registered in the state of Utah is required to carry no-fault insurance and proof of insurance must be presented to any law enforcement officer if requested. This essentially means that every driver within the state needs to have some kind of coverage.

Automatic Verification

The state also maintains a database of registered drivers that is checked against insurance policies. When a registered vehicle is discovered without an insurance policy, a letter is automatically sent to the holder of the registration to inform them of the lapse in insurance. 


The state has harsh penalties for drivers who are caught without insurance, which can include suspension registration or driver’s license, fines, court appearances, and even jail time for repeat offenders. Because of these severe sanctions, it is important to stay aware of your insurance status and be absolutely certain you can provide proof of insurance if you are going to drive. Car insurance is a necessity to use the state’s roads and maintain a valid vehicle registration.

For any other questions or concerns about car insurance in the Vernal, UT area, please contact Perry Insurance Agency. Representatives with knowledge of these state laws and local regulations in Vernal UT are available to assist you. Don’t hesitate to give Perry Insurance Agency a call today.   ,

Mistakes to Avoid When Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

Accidents occur every single day, leaving people injured and cars damaged. Having auto insurance with Perry Insurance Agency is an ideal way to get protection from unforeseen circumstances. If you already have insurance, you are entitled to financial compensation from your auto insurance provider in case of covered losses. In the event of an accident, you need to make a claim with your insurance company.

However, you need to avoid some of these common mistakes when filing an auto insurance claim in Vernal, UT:

Giving false information

When a claim is made, the insurance company does its own investigation. Lying or omitting information in your favor could lead to your claim being denied. In some cases, your premiums can be raised or your policy terminated. Plus, giving false information to your insurance provider is a federal offence that is punishable by jail time.

Taking long to file the claim

Filing an auto insurance claim should be done as quickly as possible after the accident. This makes sure that you give fresh and factual information about the accident without forgetting any important details that could help your case.

Filing a claim that you shouldn’t

In case of minor injuries or damages, it could be wise to cover the costs yourself, especially if the cost of repairs is less than the insurance deductibles. Before filing a claim, go through your policy to make sure your losses are actually covered or if there is any exclusion.

Giving too much information          

Avoid too much talk when speaking to the insurance representatives. Claim handlers are highly trained to memorize everything you say, so avoid oversharing; only give factual information.

At Perry Insurance Agency, we provide affordable and reliable auto insurance policies for the residents of Vernal, UT and several other states. Contact us today for a peaceful driving experience.