Commercial Insurance Protections And Why They Matter

Three Important Choices, Three Rewarding Protections

For your business in our service area, including Vernal, UT, Perry Insurance Agency provides a set of three essential insurance protections for small and medium-sized business owners. These go beyond government-required coverage like vehicle liability insurance and workers’ compensation and nurture the roots of your growing business against disruption.

General Liability Coverage Protects Your Assets and Business

If someone claims injury or damage from your business, it can create a devastating effect to defend against the claim. Insurance personnel works with you to deal with these inevitable disruptive effects.

Commercial Property Coverage Protects Your Physical Assets

Fire, flood, earthquake, and other ways your property can be damaged or lost need a way to move on. Our insurance carriers help you manage your business in the face of this physical loss, and get moving again.

Business Income Insurance Steps in When Income Generation is Affected

When you lose the use of components of your business, it can’t function as you intended. Your factory can’t produce and sell. This coverage helps you keep going until you’re back in business again.

Keeping Your Dreams and Plans On Track

In Vernal, UT, Perry Insurance Agency stands ready to help you plan for your business’s future with these three vital coverages, which step in when your ability to make a living with your business is threatened. Our professionals help you select the amounts and types of insurance to keep your business on track even when the unimaginable happens, such as earthquakes and floods. We also help our clients use the insurance they’ve purchased to keep their dreams in sight, using sound business practices and insightful methods. Contact us for insurance, and let’s build a relationship based on your future.