What Types of Commercial Insurance Are There?

Entrepreneurs are only required by law in Vernal, UT to purchase worker’s compensation coverage, but there are many other types that people choose to buy for the benefits they confer. Below are several of these categories. 

General Liability

A standard corporate policy can cover medical payments due to injuries resulting from you simply doing business. This could be in the form of products or services that are unintentionally dangerous to the health and well-being of others. You can also face lawsuits due to negligence in this regard.

Another common contingency is when employees cause property damage, such as fixing systems inside a client’s home. Personal injuries can also come in the form of libel or slander, and your Perry Insurance Agency can share its expertise on what situations would be included. 

Property insurance

Your inventory, machines, and products can be stored in a central building and are subject to loss due to heavy rains, high winds, or electrical surges. Fires can also potentially raze your warehouse to the ground. Customers or workers can fall on slippery surfaces, incurring expenses and potential legal troubles, and property insurance help protect your investments. 

Other Insurances

Errors and omissions protect against costs due to typos and accidentally misleading information. Business interruption insurance can help you generate income when forces outside your control render you temporarily unable to operate. Commercial auto insurance is for enterprise that has work vehicles, such as a fleet of trucks or vans. 

Perry Insurance Agency Can Assist You

We offer business owners the commercial insurance products they need, and we can tailor a package to suit the specifics of your company. We serve those in the Vernal, UT area and will be happy to speak to you further online, over the phone, or by meeting in the office.