Things home insurance doesn’t cover

Owning a home comes with an immense amount of responsibility. Home insurance can give you a sense of security that you can withstand any accident or incident that may befall you. That is not entirely true. All home insurance policies have exclusions, things they won’t cover. In Vernal, UT, you can count on  Perry Insurance Agency to provide the coverage you need to feel confident you have enough coverage. 

Wear and tear

Things wear out and stop working or break. This is natural and not something your home insurance will pay for. So, when your refrigerator dies, it’s not covered, and when your roof reaches the end of its usefulness, it’s not covered. 


Floods are one of the most devastating natural disasters, and as little as an inch in your home can cause thousands of dollars in damage. But your home insurance offers no coverage for floods. You can, however, purchase flood insurance, and if you are at any significant risk, you should purchase it. 

Earth movement 

There are different types of earth movement. Earthquakes and sinkholes are earth movements. Mudslides and landslides are earth movements. What they all have in common is that home insurance doesn’t cover them. If you feel that there is a danger you may need it, separate insurance is available for these things. 

Owner neglect 

The insurance carrier believes that, as a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your home. That means you should get your home inspected and treated if there is termite danger in your area. If you get infested with rodents, it’s your fault, and if your old leaky roof causes damage, it’s your problem. 

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