The Basics of RV insurance

While an RV insurance policy has almost the same types of coverage as auto insurance, there are certain specifics that RV owners should understand beforehand. If you own a recreational vehicle or just want to learn more about RV insurance coverage options and how it works, Perry Insurance Agency will help you out. The four basic coverages that apply to recreational vehicles include:

Liability coverage

The coverage protects you financially when you inadvertently cause bodily injury to others or damage their properties. It doesn’t cover damage to your RV or bodily injury to you or your family members. The coverage is legally required in Vernal, UT. It is recommended that you purchase a liability coverage that is slightly higher than your state minimum.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This is a coverage option that will protect you when an uninsured or underinsured driver hits your recreational vehicle. The coverages can be split or combined depending on your personal preferences. In most cases, you can only use the coverage for motorhomes and not towable. It is advisable to purchase both coverages because their premiums are relatively low.

Collision Coverage

The coverage is designed to protect your recreational vehicle when you accidentally hit a non-living object such as a wall, fence, or pole. It is important to remember that the coverage doesn’t cover your RV when you file for a claim that doesn’t result from a collision or when you hit an animal. The coverage will reimburse you regardless of who was determined to be at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage

The coverage protects you when your RV gets damaged in an accident that is not associated with a collision. Collision doesn’t cover losses such as fire, larceny, civil commotion or riot, vandalism, earthquakes, and windstorm or hail.

It is crucial to discuss your RV insurance needs with one of our insurance agents at Perry Insurance Agency because not all the coverages mentioned above will cover every accidental loss. Do you need RV insurance in Vernal, UT? Call us today for more information and guidelines on how to choose the right coverage.