Do You Need Boat Insurance During Periods When You Don’t Use Your Boat?

A boat is a major investment and can cost as much as a car or even a home. You need the right type of coverage to protect yourself and others while you are out enjoying the open water. You may have questions, however, about coverage requirements when you are using the boat. Don’t guess about your insurance. Get answers that will help you achieve protection year round.

Boat Insurance Needs

Of course, you know that you need coverage when you are on the water, but what about when the boat is docked or not being used? You may also wonder about coverage when the boat is in storage or parked at your residence. If your boat is in the water and not being used, you should still maintain insurance coverage in the event of an accident or a theft. You may also need to move your boat, and you don’t want to be unprotected. If you take the boat out of the water and store it, the storage facility will have insurance to protect it. Likewise, your homeowner’s insurance may provide coverage if it is on your property. Ask your agent about covering your boat during the months when not in use. 

Finding The Right Boat Insurance

Get the right type of boat insurance by working with a knowledgeable agent. If you live in or around the Vernal, UT area, you can depend on Perry Insurance Agency to help you discover coverage options that fit your individual needs so you can get protection that covers you all year. Let our knowledgeable agents work with you to explore your options today.

Residents who live near the Vernal, UT area should contact Perry Insurance Agency to get more information about boat insurance. Call or stop by the office to schedule an appointment or get answers to your questions. Be sure to ask about the 24 other states we write policies for as well to see if we can work with you!