How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Your Assets?

The Perry Insurance Agency in Vernal, UT has got your back to protect you, your family, and your business with umbrella insurance.

Umbrella Insurance To The Rescue

Umbrella Insurance provides coverage after the limits of your home, auto, commercial, or any other insurance policy that has provisions for liability protection for any particular asset, are exhausted. The essential purpose of the umbrella policy is the protection of assets from unforeseen calamities which you may be found liable and have to face a major lawsuit. This can result by merely having a party at your home where you served alcohol and a guest was injured driving home causing severe property damage and extensive bodily injuries.

Costs from catastrophic accidents may be above your policy limits. Umbrella insurance covers events that would be excluded in a homeowner insurance policy such as the legal fees to defend against malicious prosecution, a false arrest and libel, slander, and defamation claims. The whole purpose of umbrella insurance is to escape financial ruin which will be avoided because an umbrella policy could extend the upper limits of your underlying liability policies up to five million dollars.

How Much Is Enough?

Pricing of the policy will be determined by one of our agents. However, the limits, as a rule of thumb are based upon:

  • The risks you may be facing 
  • Present value of your assets
  • Potential future loss of income 

At The Perry Insurance Agency in Vernal, UT, our agents are experts in advising its clients on the importance of umbrella insurance. Please contact us!